ROV Services


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Hydro Kinetics ROV operators have an incredible amount of experience when it comes to sub-sea cavitation cleaning using inspection class ROV's. We have easily tallied more than 150 hours of cavi-blasting on offshore wind farms. Using smaller but more manoeuvrable ROV's with the power to keep a cavi-blaster on the job is a challenging task, but with the experience of our team we have proven to be able to clean subsea structures that would normally only be a job for divers. 

Hydro Kinetics regularly carries out CP inspections, measuring both Contact and Proximity CP.​ 

Hydro Kinetics complete both General Visual and Close Visual Inspections using high resolution cameras from inspection class ROV's with the ability and confidence to get close to a subsea asset to provide meaningful survey. 

Utilising a range of ancillary equipment such as sonar, ultrasonic thickness measurement (UT), mm accurate altimeters and side-scan sonars, Hydro Kinetics is able to carry out a broad range of inspection task such as accurate scour monitoring. 


Hydro Kinetics provide a complete sub-sea inspection service to the offshore industries, providing both the equipment and the personnel for a range of Offshore Wind and Oil & Gas projects. 
Oil and gas projects include tasks such as Drill support, Jacket installation, As-laid pipeline surveys, Conductor monitoring and Spudcan surveys. ​
More recently we have completed a number of inspection projects on Offshore Wind Farms and look forward to extending our provision of service within the renewables sector. 

Our ROV crew are always led by our own Supervisors who are directly involved in all aspects of a project from initial planning, offshore operations & client liaison, through to the final deliverables, ensuring we provide the best quality of service to our customers. We also have a reliable pool of trusted & experienced pilots available to us so we can provide a ‘team’ with the experience of working together to that enables a job to get done quickly & accurately but also as safely as is possible.