Hydro Kinetics provides ROV services to the Offshore Industry; 

Wind/Renewabls, Oil & Gas and Marine inspections.

We can provide a range of task specific equipment and qualified and experienced personell. 

Hydro Kinetics Ltd provides ROV services and underwater inspections throughout the UK and globally offshore. Specializing in the offshore wind/renewable industry, traditional oil & gas as well as on shore civil engineering projects.

Hydro Kinetics utilise an array of task specific ROV equipment, from Workclass systems to 'micro' ROV's, Imaging SONAR and high resolutions camera's to carry out underwater inspections, surveys and search & recovery operations. All systems can be equipped with ancillary equipment such as CP probes, UT thickness gauges and water quality sensors. 

Hydro Kinetics can be mobilised and operational on location with 24 hours within the UK. Our small inspection ROV's can and have traveled by helicopter for rapid mobilisation offshore.

We provide the right equipment and a team of qualified, well trained & experienced personnel, to deliver a tailor made ROV service for any underwater task.

Hydro Kinetics  are proud to work with key goals of mobility, efficiency and accuracy.





By using small yet capable ROV systems a range of onshore/nearshore task can be completed efficiently & accuratly while minimising risk associated with man access. e.g. Onshore task such as water tank or culvert inspection.




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ROV Services


ROV Services