​​​​Our smallest ROV system has travelled by helicopter to complete short notice inspections on North Sea assets. We use larger observation class ROV's to provide drill support and we carry out UWILD inspections.


We provide an experienced and accurate service to any underwater ROV task and are happy to provide a single operator or a full ROV inspection team. We can mob ROV systems offshore onto a DP vessel for extended campaigns or utilise smaller CTV craft. 

Onshore our smaller ROV's have proven extremely versatile in a range of inspections.

We are always competitive on the price of a project and would welcome the opportunity to discus any upcoming projects.

Hydro Kinetics has worked on chemical plants, water treatment & distribution infrastructure and civil engineering projects. We have also worked on scientific studies and provided pilots for BBC filming.

​​Hydro Kinetics provides ROV inspections throughout the UK and globally offshore.

We specialise in Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas and civil engineering projects.

We utilise observation class ROV systems equipped with imaging sonar and high resolution cameras, as well as a range of ancillary sensor equipment to carry out detailed subsea inspections. We use tried and tested methods as well as innovative approaches to subsea data acquisition.

We provide the right equipment and a team of qualified, well trained & experienced personnel to deliver high quality inspections and service. 


We specialise in Offshore Wind delivering subsea inspection campaigns on Offshore Wind Farms. From initial planning through to final deliverables we pride ourselves on providing excellent service and quality.

Our largest projects to date : Wikinger OWF: 2017, 2018 & 2019.


Providing ROV inspection services to the Offshore Renewable Sector and Oil & Gas since 2010. 

Hydro Kinetics has extensive experience delivering subsea inspection campaigns of Offshore Wind Farms within Europe and providing ROV personnel and equipment globally to the Oil & Gas industry.

We also work with civil, scientific and maritime industries to carry out internal tank inspections and a range of onshore & offshore projects.