​​​Off shore wind

We are proud at Hydro Kinetics of the mass of experience we have built up working in the Offshore Renewable Industry. 

From rapid deployment to inspect a single turbine with a small ROV, we have grown to carry out annual inspection campaigns, providing 24hour services and multiple teams of ROV pilots.
​Our team have the experience to complete any Offshore Wind project from conception through to final deliverables. We have an open approach to communication with our clients and always welcome discussion on how to deliver the best possible service within the Offshore Wind sector.


Hydro Kinetics utilise a Caviblaster high pressure jet to clean prior to many subsea inspection tasks.

Our ROV operators have an incredible amount of experience when it comes to sube-sea cavitation cleaning using inspection class ROVs and have tallied more than 200hours of cavi-blasting on offshore windfarms.

Our choice of smaller but more manoeuvrable ROVs which have the power to keep a cavi-blaster on the job, means our experienced team have proven to be able to clean subsea structures which would normally be a task for divers.


Typical Subsea inspection tasks for Offshore Wind include CVI; close visual inspection & GVI; general visual inspection. Visual inspections are essential to a subsea inspection so we use HD cameras as standard and are always looking to innovate in using the best technology available.


Hydro Kinetics regularly carries out CP inspections, measuring both Contact and Proximity CP.


Utilising a range of ancillary equipment such as imaging sonar, UT, mm accurate altimeters and side scan & profiling sonar, Hydro Kinetics carry out a broad range of inspection tasks such as the extent of scour, measuring CPS angle, gauging marine growth thickness and measuring grout levels.